Picture Books: Why are they important?

Picture Books: Why are they important?

We all want what’s best for our kids and like the Army commercial, we want them to be all they can be. But parents can often succumb to the pressures of society and other parents to compete. That’s why some parents buy everything imaginable to get their baby to read, they enroll their children in the most expensive preschools, and even skip picture books and encourage their children to move on to more text-heavy chapter books as a means to advance their skills for rigorous standardized testing.

Children in the early stages of learning to read can benefit significantly from picture books. Children can build fluency, vocabulary, understanding, and other literacy skills by working with illustrations alongside text. Picture books serve as visual roadmaps, bringing the pages to life with their imagery.

Activate the conversation


A Children book like this can spark a conversation as well as encourage other activities like counting or colouring. Involving the child as you discuss the story during or after can really enhance their communication skills. Studies have shown that parents who talk to their children more have an advantage in school compared to parents who talk less to them.

Parents are advised to begin reading to infants as soon as possible, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. In classic research showed that children with more parental conversation have an advantage in school compared to children with less parental discussion. In order to establish a calming and consistent sleep routine, read a book at night while the mother's voice is familiar and comforting, even to newborns. It may also be beneficial to read storybooks to children before they reach school age to foster an early interest in reading.

Each child is unique, so he or she needs patience in nurturing their affinity for reading. Even with the best of intentions, pushing chapter books too aggressively can undermine a child's love of stories and hinder their ability to read independently. Picture books have a lot of value too, and we can forget that by pushing chapter books too aggressively.

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