One of my twins, currently at 1 month shy of turning 6, read the Bearific® Chicken Mystery this week. She couldn't put the book down. I even cleaned up my office just so the girls have a reading nook to enjoy this book and a few others by the same author we have gotten into. We were originally attracted by Katelyn Lonas personal story (writing her first book at 9, published 24 books by the age of 14) but later intrigued by her writing style, storyline, and cute pictures. We will be diving into the Bearific's Ocean Adventure next (an easier reading for the little ones), can't wait!/products/bearific-s®-chicken-mystery

Angel Peil

What a wonderful children’s book with yummy recipes in the back./products/bearific-s®-cupcake-adventure

Steven E.

This book is amazing! The message is wonderful and the illustrations are beautiful. We read it several times already, and cannot wait for another book by such a talented author!/products/bearific-s®-ocean-adventure

Alexandria Lamont