Katelyn Lonas is the ceo/owner of bearific®. she is 15 years old and resides in Southern California. at age 9, Katelyn wrote and illustrated her first book called Bearific® adventure. in 2019, Katelyn joined a 5 month program called yea (young entrepreneur academy) where she learned how to start a business. this was when she was 12, she published her 2nd book Bearific's® ocean adventure.

Katelyn enjoys making crafts, drawing, writing, and basically anything that includes art. she loves to encourage little kids to chase after their dreams no matter how big it is.

Katelyn's main goal for anyone who reads her book is to gain inspiration and inspire others to believe in themselves. Katelyn chooses different themes for each book. she uses it to write about problem solving to show kids if something doesn't go as planned find a different way and don't give up.

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